Free Modules

You can download the follwoing free modules by clicking on the specified hotlinks.

MODULE (Overview): The Big Picture and Case Studies This FREE module is a zipped file (1.5 MB)  that contains the following material in pdf format (Roughly 200 pages).
        Book Preface: Objectives, intended audience, suggested course outlines
        Acronyms and Glossary of Terms
        Detailed Table of Contents
        Chapter 1:  e-Business and Third Generation (3G) Distributed Systems -- From Strategies to Working Solutions
        Chapter 2: Case Studies and Examples

MODULE (TUTORIALS): Tutorials and Detailed Discussion on Special Topics. This FREE Module is a zipped file (1 MB) that contains the following chapters in pdf format (Roughly 200 pages)

Chapter 1: Network Technologies -- A Tutorial
Chapter 2: Object-Orientation, Java, and UML -- A Tutorial
Chapter 3: Database Technologies and SQL -- A Tutorial
Chapter 4: Web Engineering and XML Processing - A Closer Look
Chapter 5:  CORBA Technologies-- A Closer Look


You can also download slides for all modules (PDF). These slides summarize the chapter contents and can be used for jotting down your notes. FOR SLIDES, CLICK HERE.